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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Summary of The frog and the nightingale by vikram seth

Short sweet summary   

Frog in bingle bog

Once upon a time a frog croaked in bingle bog every night. His voice was very and unpleasant. He croaked in a loud noise continuously throughout the night.

A nightingale comes there and sings

One night in the clod moonlight, a nightingale came there. She perched on the sumac tree and began to sing melodiously. All the creatures in the bog cheered and clapped her song, ducks swam to listed to her. Toads herons teals and toddlers also reached there to listed to

Her song when she ended. They all clapped.


Frog meets her

Next night the frog went to the nightingale and haughtily introduced himself as the owner of the tree. He also said that he had long been known for his splendid baritone.


Nightingale praises him

The nightingale felt flattered that such a great critic of art had discussed her art of singing. The frog, however added that she would merely remain a beginner without his proper training herself.


Training starts

Fired by art and adulation she sang so sweetly that animals from miles flocked there.

Sweetly those animals from miles flocked there. Soon she became famous. Among the birds were many titled ones. Owl of sandwich, duck of India began to listen.



The frog called her stupid and said that she was prone to influence. He told that he had tried to teach her. But she was a stupid creature. She was nervous and tense also. He also added that she should have known that her song must be one’s own like that of his. And he was, again, the undisputed king of bog. He sang confidently in the bingle bog.

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